About React Solutions

A small company with big expectations, goals, and a powerful message.  The idea started a decade ago while training police officers in the tactics needed to respond to and address the active shooter.  While heavily involved with training law enforcement it became evident that no one was training the “true” first responders: school teachers, school administration, food services, transportation, and the general public who may find themselves in the midst of an active shooter event. Police and fire departments, in most active shooter incidents, will not arrive until the incident is over. Training the “true” first responder is critical because actions taken in the first few minutes may make a difference.  With simple, relevant training and preparation you can help mitigate these tragic incidents.   
React Solutions took the next step.  Understanding most people could benefit from simple and relevant awareness & preparedness training, React Solutions added personal awareness, general safety, and verbal de-escalation tactics to some of their courses.  React Solutions motto is "prepared not paranoid" and their courses offer an important and necessary message for all who attend.

React Solutions is comprised of instructors that share a common goal: to help people live safer lives.  They instruct with a high level of passion, garnished with humility and humor.  If they don't have the answer they will find it. 

Timothy M. Durand
Founder / Lead Instructor

Tim began his career in public service early, joining a wilderness search and rescue team at 14. Later he served 5 years as a resident firefighter / EMT.  In 1989 Tim began his career in law enforcement.  Since then he has served as a Patrol Deputy, Investigative Detective, Background Investigator, Sheriff's Diver, Search & Rescue Coordinator, Helicopter Crew Chief, Lead Tactical Flight Officer, and Training Deputy.  Tim is a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor, Taser Instructor, Combat Rescue Instructor, Active Shooter Tactics Instructor, and more.   In addition to law enforcement, Tim teaches Active Shooter topics across the U.S. for Texas State University's Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training System. Tim is also on staff with Louisiana State University, teaching various topics with LSU's National Center for Biomedical Research and Training.

Stacey Dreyer
Founder / Lead Instructor

Stacey started his career in public service with the Marysville Police Department in 1990. He has since served as a Patrol Officer, Detective, K9 Handler, SWAT Team Leader, and Department Trainer.  He instructs firearms, Police Tactics, SWAT Tactics, Active Shooter Tactics, Combat Rescue, and more.  Stacey has also  taught Site Assessment  across the US, and has spent time on staff with Texas State University as part of their Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training System which teaches Active Shooter to Law Enforcement. Stacey was instrumental in the development of a program for school transportation departments.  This program teaches officers how to deal with an active shooter(s) or armed individual(s) on a bus.  This program also offers a plan for bus drivers who find themselves in a situation where a passenger may be armed.