At React Solutions our goal is to keep people safe.  We will accomplish this by raising awareness and providing high quality training that matters.  Whether the course you take from React Solutions was designed for police, fire, or citizens, you will be supplied with relevant tips and cost effective tools that can be used the moment you walk out of class.  Planning for an active shooter event does not imply paranoia, it simply prepares you for the possibility.

Public Courses


React Solutions began building and instructing courses in 2006.  Our first course, "Executive Active Shooter Awareness" was directed toward school staff, and has now been taught more than 200 times across Washington State to a much broader audience.  Since then additional courses have been released. Click below to see a list of our courses, and the course descriptions.

Police & Fire Courses


React Solutions first started by teaching courses to law enforcement. Since inception several additional courses have been developed.  Two popular courses of instruction include "Combat Rescue" and "Vehicle Based Rescue."  Each of these two courses are 10 hours and contain multiple skill sets.  Each course can be customized to meet the needs of the host agency.  Our "Police & Fire Response to Active Shooter" (Integrated Response), released in 2015, is a 2 to 3 hours course.  Click below to see a list of courses, and their descriptions.

More to Come


This space is being left open for other services that React Solutions is developing.  Courses and training being developed include:  General physical security, transport security, site assessments, insurance investigations, background investigations, expert witness testimony, & civilian firearms training.

Your preparedness Solutions!

I wanted to thank you for bringing React Solutions to our" Annual Transportation In Service Retreat". Your training was an intense, thought provoking dose of reality with a touch of humor that demonstrated the chemistry and passion you share for this training!
React Solutions received the highest evaluation results we have ever had. I would recommend your training for any school district or organization interested in having the tools to "respond at the moment the unexpected occurs". Great job, we will have you back again soon.

Daniel Gottschalk, Pasco School District #1

Transportation Training Manager

“Because of that training I didn't have to take any time formulating a plan.  I knew what to do immediatly and the bus never made it to the school.”  "The training you are providing is essential to keeping our kids safe."

Karen Davy, King County Sheriff's Office

School Rescourse Officer

"How tragic it is that we need to discuss this subject but I am thankful for people like you and Stacey who share your knowledge and resources to help us be safer.  Blessings on you as you continue to make our world a little bit safer."  " the staff is a buzz".

Brenda Chadwick, Principal

Heritage Christian Academy

"I was pulled aside by at least 4 nurses and the doctor, he said the tourniquet worked and it saved his life.  So I'm feeling pretty good and wanted to let you know that your training worked." 

Ryan Boyer, Snohomish County Sheriff's Office

Patrol Deputy

"The whole experience was amazing for all of us that completed both days."  "I was very apprehensive at first, but came away feeling so much better if we were to have a real intruder".  "All administrators should be required to go through training like this." We learned so much from each other, who can handle a threatening situation, communication, team work, etc.    

Christine Gruver, Principal

Stanwood High School