React Police & Fire Courses

“The nation that will insist on drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards.”
― Thucydides
All courses can be customized to meet the user’s needs, ranging from two hours to two days.
React Solutions Course
Active Shooter


This course is designed to address a response to the active shooter event.  Whether you arrive on scene solo or as a group, this course will answer questions, provide plans, instill confidence, and prepare you.  Nothing taught in this course is a mystery.  It is simple, well thought out tactics that can move slowly or rapidly, which ever the situation dictates.  The skills taught here are not exlusive to an active shooter but can be used  in every day calls as well.  This course is 10 hours, but can run two days.  It can also be broken down into 4 hour pieces, just let us know your needs.  

React Solutions
Combat Rescue Course


This 10 hours course developed in 2013 by React Solutions covers the principals of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and is accompanied by several hands-on props and exercises.  Practical exercises emphasize  the use of tourniquets, wound packing, bandaging, lifts, carries, drags, team movments and offers cheap proven alternatives to outfitting yourself to be prepared.  Following the TCCC session the class transitions into an "extraction techniques" course, also known as down officer rescue.  This session leads into more practical exercises which continue to build on the TCCC, and downed officer rescue principals.  (Force-on-Force is included if the client provides the systems.) This course is versatile and can be two hours or 12 hours in length.

React Solutions
Vehicle Based Rescue Course 


Once the final touches were put on the Combat Rescue Course, React Solutions spent the next 9 months developing their Vehicle Based Rescue Course.  This course gives law enforcement officers options to defend themselves if ambushed while in their vehicle.  During the second half of this course, officers will be taught and practice options for an active shooter incident that could occur inside a vehicle or bus. (Force-on-Force is included if the client provides the systems.) This course is versatile and can be two hours or 12 hours in length. 

React Solution
Police / Fire Response to Active Shooter Course


Late in 2013 React Solutions began working with local fire departments on a reasonable integrated response plan to the active shooter incident.  In 2015 we released a formalized course.  The class room course runs about 2 1/2 hours and closes the gap between the law enforcement philosophy and the fire philosophy.  This course brings two entities with the same goals together, and the goals are simple; to stop the killing, and save as many lives as possible.  Practical, integrated training can be customized, and designed at the request of the agency.